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The Big Positive Pledge with Nationwide

The Big Positive Pledge with Nationwide

Woodlands play a crucial role in helping manage climate change.  Come along to the Big Positive Weekend and see how you can help plant thousands of native trees nationwide.

On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th July you have the chance to make your pledge at Bullring. We've got a great woodland setting and a photo booth, so your pledge can be captured and shared, enabling you to inspire others to make their own pledge too.


See more on what Nationwide is doing to protect our environment:


Why not take a walk in a local woodland... 

Bunkers Hill, Stourbridge

Bunkers Hill has a wonderful mix of broadleaves and conifers, providing a haven for butterflies and flora and providing excellent views of the countryside. A good path network enables you to explore the site thoroughly – many are suitable for wheelchairs.

Bunkers Hill

Pepper Wood, Fairfield

A remnant of the once widespread 'Feckenham Forest' of Worcestershire, Pepper Wood boasts an exceptional diversity of tree and shrub species. A good network of rides and several waymarked trails give visitors the chance to explore. Small car park.

Pepper Wood

Uffmoor Wood, Halesowen

This wood is an important urban friend just a mile outside of Halesowen. The site is mostly planted ancient woodland surrounded by pasture, but easily accessed thanks to a public footpath network and a web of rides including three waymarked routes.

Uffmoor Wood

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