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Master the art of soulful living with the new home innovations from Rituals Cosmetics.

Home is the place you feel most comfortable and relaxed.  It’s your sanctuary from the rest of the world, where you are free to be your most authentic self. This is the essence of living soulfully. Rituals’ products are luxuries that lift you up and help you to find happiness in the smallest of things. With our new home innovations, Rituals adds more soul to your home and to your life.

Be the first to discover Rituals’ renewed kitchen line, complete with an upgraded design and formulas. Keep those hands clean and cared for with the Hand Wash, a liquid hand soap with delicate ingredients designed to hydrate your skin. Be good to yourself and good to the planet by using the Hand Wash Refills to refill your beautiful Rituals bottles, an easy way to be environmentally friendly and still have a stylish kitchen.

Rituals Refills

Doing  the  dishes  turns  into  a  mindful  moment  with  the Dish  Wash,  a  soothing  washing  up  liquid  composed  of  plant  actives to thoroughly clean your dishes while still being soft on your skin. Available in The Ritual of Dao, The Ritual of Laughing Buddha and The Ritual of Sakura, you can wash your worries away as you breathe in your favourite fragrance.

Afterwards, the luxuriously rich Hand Balm is there to add an extra layer of protection and scent, with a formula especially created to keep your skin soft and supple. Like the Hand Wash and the Hand Wash Refills, the Hand Balm is available in The Ritual of Ayurveda, The Ritual of Dao, The Ritual of Hammam, The Ritual of Laughing Buddha and The Ritual of Sakura.

Display your stylish set of kitchen couture on the new Luxury Tray, which comes in both antique marble blue and antique marble blanc. Add an extra accent of elegance with this must-have kitchen accessory.

Soulful living is about creating an atmosphere of relaxation and warmth, and there’s no better way to do that than with Rituals’ Scented Candles. Rituals embraces initiatives that are environmentally safe and socially conscious, that is why the  formula  of  the  scented  candles  have  been  changed  into  a  new  formula  composed  of  70%  sunflower  wax.  You can illuminate your living space with the same high quality you are used to and in some new scents as well. The bracingly fresh and  herbaceous  aromas  of  the  Savage  Garden  and  Tangerine  Tea  will  energize  you,  while  the  warm  and  spicy  Precious  Amber and Wild Fig fragrances are perfect for inspiring relaxation. For those wanting to enjoy a little longer, the XL Candle collection has been expanded to include The Ritual of Sakura, Goji Berry and Precious Amber.

Rituals Candle

For a long-lasting and continuous scent experience, Rituals’ Fragrance Sticks are a stylish and natural way to welcome you home from a long day.  And  now  there  are  even  more  fragrances  to  choose  from,  as  Savage  Garden,  Tangerine  Tea,  Precious Amber and Wild Fig have all been added to the collection.

When you want an instant fragrance boost, the Parfum d’Interieur has the power to comfort and soothe you in a single spritz. Not only is this now available in the new Wild Fig fragrance, but in fan favourites such as Green Cardamom and Black Oudh as well.

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