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International Aromatherapy Week - Aromatherapy Explained

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What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy, is a form of holistic treatment recognised to influence changes to the body and mind through a range of specific essential oils and ingredients stemmed from natural sources.
The application of aromatherapy is commonly through a range of applications. These are:

- through oils during massage or simply skincare treatments in creams, lotions and oils directly to the skin 
- added to water such as a bath to soak into skin or to aid steam inhalation 
- infuse the home through range of diffusers or similar home fragrance products
Why do we use it?
Aromatherapy is most commonly used as a means of relaxation but can be used to stimulate or energise depending on the fragrance used.
Lavender is the most well-known for its apparent properties to aid sleep and generally create a calming influence. Widely used as part of a variety of sleeping products, lavender can also be found in animal products to aid household pets particularly to reduce anxiety.
Citrus based fragrances are considered beneficial to aid mood. Lemon for example is considered to influence moods to be happier and encourage a more positive mind.
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Who is Aromatherapy for?
Aromatherapy is available to almost everyone and due to a wider range of products available it is not just for humans but for animals too! 

With a versatile range of applications, aromatherapy can be adopted in a range of ways. From simple additions to your home or everyday skincare routines, to broader dedicated treatments from professional practitioners there is a variety of ways to experience aromatherapy. 

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How can I consider using Aromatherapy?
To introduce aromatherapy to your day to day, make more conscious decisions to the choice of fragrance you choose for home scents or body lotion. 
Home fragrances are a great first step to applying aromatherapy to your home. Through simply a new addition such as a reed diffuser, featuring a calming associated scent, it’s a great way to influence your home. Using recognised relaxing essential oil fragrances, the item can create a calmer sensation from the moment you walk through your door.
Here’s some ingredients/scents and the applications they are associated with to guide you:
Almond Oil
Almond oil is packed with beneficial ingredients including good for you fatty acids, and key vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6, along with a small amount of vitamin E too. Due to this powerful combination, almond oil is popular within skincare products due to its soothing properties.
Aloe Vera
A widely recognised ingredient for skincare, aloe vera has a range of applications to aid skin conditions due to its naturally anti-inflammatory properties. As part of a cream or lotion, aloe vera is popular as a means to both repair and condition the skin.
Not as widely known as an element in terms of aromatherapy, camomile is recognised for its relaxing properties. It is most commonly used as a hot drink ingredient to aid sleep.
One of the more well-known essential oils, eucalyptus is associated with cold and flu remedies due to its ability to its decongesting and antiviral properties. It is also considered to cool and refresh the skin when applied as a lotion or skincare oil treatment.
Chinese ginger essential oil is known to warm muscles and boost circulation – great in body lotions and hair care. Ginger is also recognised to aid digestion and found for ease in tea or as a biscuit.

Applied as an essential oil usually through lotion or skincare product, lavender is thought to help reduce forms of stress and anxiety. It is also used to improve sleep and relieve some tensions within the body.
Grapefruit essential oil like many citrus scents, is considered to help refresh and boost energy. Just like your first cup of tea or coffee, grapefruit is often a great way to help kickstart your day in the morning.  It’s why grapefruit is increasingly popular as an alternative for breakfast. 

Application onto skin is also considered to improve circulation and recognised as a natural digestion stimulant when consumed.
This essential oil as a fragrance is thought to aid memory and mental clarity. It is also commonly found in many muscular products as considered to help alleviate muscle aches and pains. Consider as part of a bath soak after a long training session or physically active day.
The ingredient is popular within fragrances as well as recognised when considering aromatherapy. Sandalwood similar to other oils is considered to influence to calm the mind and also enhance confidence. Sandalwood is also recognised as a antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredient when consume or applied to body.
Shea Butter
A classic traditional ingredient particularly by African women, shea butter is used for dry skin relief and treatment.  
Ylang Ylang
A well-known essential oil associated with aromatherapy in part due to its distinctive scent and extensive use. Ylang Ylang is also seen in hair care items as believed to promote healthy hair.

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Where can I buy items?

Many home and beauty brands can help you introduce aromatherapy into your every day.

For a more specialist service on aromatherapy through home and body, beauty brands have a wealth of knowledge and products to help you. Top stores to visit are:


Rituals - Image of Ayurveda Oil bottle in wooden bowl on a wooden surface

Located in Grand Central, Rituals collections are inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures. The combination of fragrances are designed to reflect the daily ritual and effect you wish to achieve. Top collections in store include:

Happy Buddha - featuring signature sweet orange and cedar to energise and enhance your mood. A great way to brighten your day
Hammam - containing eucalyptus and rosemary, the scent is a fresh fragrance combination to both relieve congestion and boost memory. A helpful combination during times of study particularly revision season
Ayurveda - created through a combination of indian rose and sweet almond oil, the collection al stemmed around rebalancing your mind while soothing your skin and senses

The Body Shop

The Body Shop - Pink Grapefruit products on wooden background

The popular Bullring store is awash with collections for body and soul through skincare, makeup, perfumes and home fragrance. Their home fragrance collections may not be as well known as their skincare range but both have plenty to offer. Home scents through a combination of oil burner and fragrance oils continue to be popular with Sandalwood and Ginger and Green Tea and Lemon fragrance oils being top sellers due to their positive stimulating effects.

Top skincare collections to treat your skin and senses include:
Almond Milk and Honey
British Rose
Pink Grapefruit
Shea Butter
Relaxing Spa of the World (featuring lavender)

Molton Brown

Molton Brown - image of a range of pink products from Molton Brown against a dark green paper background

Located in Bullring, Molton Brown have a history of expertly blended collections for bath, body and beauty since 1973. Through its placement in five-star hotels around the world, most collections are also designed to be universal while still created in the England.

Top fragrance collections to soothe or stimulate include:
Orange & Beramot
Relaxing Ylang-Ylang
Vetiver & Grapefruit
Delicious Rhubarb & Rose

Visit stores today to discover your first or next steps to bring aromatherapy to your life.

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