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Starbucks SECRET Menu

Starbucks Secret Menu

We’ve all been there in the Starbucks queue, ordering the same basic latte and thinking – should I branch out? It’s hard to take the plunge when your usual order has never let you down, especially if nothing on the menu board is floating your boat. Allow us to introduce: the SECRET menu.

Adding various different syrups, milks and toppings to existing menu items will open up a whole new world of yumminess for you to enjoy. Here are some of our favourite concoctions for you to try next time you visit your local Starbs.

The Pink Drink

Don’t you think a drink always tastes better when it looks cute? Introducing, our take on the infamous ‘pink drink’. Simply order an iced shaken Hibiscus Infusion Teavana, but switch the water out for coconut milk (or another milk of your choice).

This results in a beautiful pinky-purple colour and a subtle but sweet fruity, coconut taste.


The Oreo Frappe

This drink is a delicious chocolatey dream. Full of choccy sauce and delicious chocolate chips, it’s far from healthy but hey! We all need a treat sometimes. To make your frappe taste JUST like an Oreo milkshake, ask for a Chocolate Chip Frappe base with pumps of white mocha sauce and cream on top. Yum yum!!

Starbucks Oreo Frappe

Butterbeer Frappe

If you’ve ever been to Harry Potter world, you’ll know that Butterbeer is delectable. Sadly it’s not currently available to muggles outside the parks, so we’ve had to improvise. Simply order a Vanilla Bean Frappe and add two pumps of caramel sauce and one pump of hazelnut. If you’re ordering at Christmas time, it tastes even better with Toffee Nut, but this isn’t available all year round.

Drizzle the cream with caramel sauce and you’re good to go!

Starbucks Frappe

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