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World Cup Flavours

As the World Cup season draws in, many will be glued to their screens as the competition unfolds.

Whether you’re a footie fan or more of a foodie fan, we’ve got another reason to embrace the season, with food from many of the competing countries.

With so many restaurants and eateries across Bullring & Grand Central, you can easily feast on the flavours of the World Cup this season. Though we may not have a dish for every country, here are a few to give you food for thought...


Wagamama Katsu Dish - Japan

Can you manoeuvre through a raman bowl like a striker does a defensive line – then head to Wagamama and Tonkotsu for some serious Asian flavours.


Tapas Revolution - Spanish Cuisine

Are you looking for a dish with more flair than a flamenco dancer? Then why not head to Tapas Revolution with delicious dishes and tantalising tapas, your food of choice will be in hands almost as safe as David De Gea.


Nandos Feast - Portugal

We know we’re being as cheeky as Ronaldo here as Nando’s originates in South Africa, but as one of the founders is Portuguese we think this should still count - right? Because who can deny the need for a little peri peri.


Crepeaffair - France

Though French cuisine at Bullring & Grand Central is limited, the diversity of flavours at Crepeaffaire is as varied as the team options for Deschamps. However as with the French team, whether you look for the more traditional with a modern twist, Café Rouge have plenty on the menu to create the perfect shot on goal.

Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Comptoir Libanais - Middle Eastern Food

Bringing all the exotic flavours of the Middle East, Comptoir Libanais are certainly one to watch on the fixture list. Whether looking to recreate a flavoursome 90+ minutes with a full three course meal or speedy penalty shootout as you grab and go with their takeaway and shop, you can find the right combination of a winning team.


Tasty Plaice - Fish and Chips - England

As you’ve toured the world in food, it’s time to look to home for our final foodie destinations. For quintessentially English meals, Browns Bar and Brasserie and Tasty Plaice are definitely worth a visit – I mean was more English that fish and chips! For a cheekier option for those happy for grab and go dare we mention Greggs… because who doesn’t love a Greggs breakfast in a morning or their infamous steak bake or sausage roll.

To discover all these flavours and start your own World Cup flavours competition, visit Bullring & Grand Central.

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