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32 Loungewear Ideas That You’re Sure To Love

Image by: Giulia Bertelli

From knit co-ords to satin pyjama sets, we at Bullring & Grand Central Shopping have all your cosy loungewear needs covered - in style of course.

Oh loungewear, how we love thee; let us count the ways. For one, you are insanely comfortable - there are no constricting necklines here; no waistbands pinching at our skin and leaving angry red marks. For another, you offer a cosy alternative to pyjamas. A more refined, put together substitute if you will and one that we don’t have to be embarrassed wearing out of the house. Now we're not talking about the scruffy grey trackies that have been relegated to walking the dog in or old, threadbare sweatshirts you like to curl up in when you're feeling blue. Think chic knit co-ords that can be easily dressed up or down, glamorous, silky pyjama sets, oversized jumper dresses, cardigans that double up as tops, quality yoga leggings, tracksuit sets in all colours, cashmere bed socks and fluffy slippers.

With everything currently going on in the world, there is perhaps no better time to be thinking about loungewear and its many virtues. Many of us are retreating inside to work from home and self isolate, and what with current affairs, getting dressed-dressed in a bra top and jeans just seems wrong. Instead, loungewear offers a warm, comforting cocoon - like staying tucked up in bed all day. If staying in has become your new norm (for now), we’ve hunted down the coolest loungewear that you should have on your radar. You can scroll through, safe in the knowledge that these 32 options are cosy enough for sofa movie marathons, but also trendy enough for work from home Zoom calls with your boss.

Knit and Ribbed Co-ords

The granddaddy of the loungewear world, knit and ribbed co-ords are perhaps the chicest outside-inside option on this list because they are an outfit in themselves; a cosier alternative to the knit dress and knit bra/cardigan trends that were big news throughout lockdown. For an extra luxe look, opt for rich, warm neutral colours like cinnamon, coffee and caramel browns (they’ll double up well come this autumn) or a light, airy pastel for an extra spring-like vibe. 

Luxe Tracksuits

Forget what you know about tracksuits - loungewear sets are a big deal and far more glamorous than your usual gym get-up. Gone is the baggy silhouette. Instead, slouchy cuts are offset with body conscious ones - cropped sweatshirts are paired with wide leg trousers, oversized jumpers over slim fit bottoms - so you won’t look swamped in fabric and sloppy.

Glamorous Pyjama Sets (That Are Too Fancy To Sleep In)

Think slinky satin, vivid colours and luxe adornments (feather trims, embellishments, bedazzled buttons). These are far from your usual sleepwear. 

Cosy Knits, Jumper dresses and Cardigans

Everything oversized: oversized jumpers with roll necks you can hide your face in; oversized cardigans you can pull over your thumbs; and oversized jumper dresses that you can throw on over a pair of leggings and go.

Yoga Leggings

Even if you’re not a yogi, every woman needs a pair of high stretch, high quality and thick leggings to throw on under a baggy t-shirt, oversized jumper or with a supportive sports bra.

Cosy Lounge Lingerie

If you’re cosy on top, then you should be cosy underneath too. Soft touch velvet, satin and lace bralettes replace uncomfortable underwire bras, boyshort undies replace thongs and delicate vest tops and slip dresses take pride of place.

Bed Socks and Slippers

Your feet will be just as comfortable thanks to extra soft cashmere bed socks and fluffy slippers.

Final Touches

If there is one way to perfect your loungewear look, it’s with those all important final touches: a satin sleep mask, fuzzy scrunchies, velvet headbands, headbands and bandanas, and a knit beanie to hide any unwashed hair.