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The AW19 Men's Style Report

Image by: Pringle of Scotland

Move over Summer! From wavy sweaters to classy trench coats, here is your autumn fashion run down.

Men's fashion seems to be getting more and more versatile with thanks to legends such as Billy Porter and Harry Styles redefining the scene. This autumn, men's fashion has been serving us some of the most exciting September styles ever making the transition from Summer to Autumn way more bearable and hella inspiring. Autumn is that rare and special period where you can finally start layering (you can never look bad in layers) without layering so much you can’t see your base tee. Autumn also gives us the opportunity to choose between wearing eye-catching shades or dressing stripped back – there’s something for everyone. 

Pop of Colour

For those of you distressed by the darker evenings and brown-leafed trees, there is still a chance for some colour in your life, just because it’s getting darker doesn’t mean you can’t flash an electric blue or neon pink. In fact, colour is encouraged as this season sees contrasting prints and colour pops so you can channel your own Jeff Goldblum - the king of clash himself – I can already hear the jazz booming out of those prints.

Nordic Chic

Even though it's far away, it's hard not to get on to that Bond hype (when is it coming out!). Look to Idris Elba or Richard Madden to get that hot discreet spy inspiration. The nords are also pros at Autumnal class, they love a roll neck and a trench coat and to be honest, you can't go wrong with them. For those of you who want toned down colours but still want to stand out, add some check into your life á le Burberry in autumnal tones such as burgundy and khaki. 

Bucket Hats

For fans of streetwear, skating brands have been out-doing themselves this season. Supreme and Ben Davis’ collection drops this week inspiring 80’s neon and dungarees. Perfect that 80’s look with a bucket hat, both practical for the inevitable autumn showers and adds that bit of flair to any look.


This season is all about the playful sweater with my favourite argyle pattern making a return. Pringle have collaborated with some of the hottest millennials including Lennon Gallagher and Jyrell Roberts to revive some of their old school classics and they're not the only brand to do so. 


Not only does the chunky boot elevate your height by about a foot but it can make any look 10x more fashionable and are a must have during fashion week. For the perfect look wear with combat trousers or a utility jacket to have everyone in awe of you.