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What Gifts To Buy Your Dad For Christmas 2019

From luxury aftershaves to the new watch he’s in dire need of, these are the best gifts to treat your dad this Christmas. Available now at Bullring & Grand Central. 

Right now, we are in the midst of gifting season - and if you're not, you'd better start soon as Christmas is fast on the approach! This is the time where you have to list out and decide everyone you need to get gifts for and - the hardest part - what to get them! But aside from the distant relatives and next door neighbours you may have to think a little harder for, you’ve got to cover the basics first - the immediate family! Namely, the ones that gave you the gift of life (excuse the clichés). And out of the pair, we can argue that the one that is a little more difficult to buy gifts for is dad.

‘What can you get a man that has everything?’ is the old saying. Well the answer is, a lot of things. If you’re stuck on what gifts to buy your father for Christmas this year, we at Bullring & Grand Central have got you covered. We did our research to see which of our brands and stores are stocking the best ‘loved-by-dads’ presents, from stocking stuffers, to proper ribbon-tied gifts. The wrapping, however, is up to you.

Shop our edit of the best gifts to buy your dad for Christmas 2019, available now at Bullring & Grand Central.

Clothing and Accessories

There’s nothing like helping dad get a little more spring in his step with some new stylish gear. Ties are always a great go-to for the dad who wears a suit often enough, but if they’re looking to get some more cosy in 2020, a nice pair of home slippers is a thoughtful gift. But, for a fail-proof gift that’s staple item for every sophisticated man, and shows you care: a watch is the perfect accessory.  

1. A Fancy New Work Tie

2. A Keep Forever Watch

3. A Shirt He Wouldn't Buy Himself

4. A Comfy Pair Of Slippers

Tech & Gadgets

Whether your dad is up on the latest electricals or not, we can guarantee he’ll love these gifts. Whether he suits a wireless speaker that will encourage his music listening habits, or he’s ready to meet his love for internet browsing with a portable solution by getting an tablet, these are some techy gifts that will be appreciated by your pops. 

5. A Tablet

6. A Wireless Speaker

7. Bluetooth Headphones

8. A Fitbit


From hair shaping paste to aftershave, grooming products are probably the most universal gifts to give dad, just because they fit no other niche of criteria other than good hygiene and looking great! So when in doubt, these should be your solid fall-backs, or some awesome additional treats for dad.

9. Luxury Smellies

10. State Of The Art Shavers

11. A New Fragrance

12. An Easy Skincare Routine


Whether he's into his wellness, likes to keep fit, loves to travel or is into his quiet time, there's a gift for that. Explore holistic sleep aids for a quirkly stocking filler, a new suitcase or carry on for his next trip away, a bit of booze or simply a good movie or book to relax with.

13. Aromatherapy

14. His Favourite Tipple

15. A Flexible Carry Case

16. A Brainteaser Book