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How To Get The Millennial Instagram Bathroom You Crave

Image by: Christian Mackie

Scrolling through Pinterest, you can always picture your dream bathroom but it's so hard to know where to start. Fear not, we are here to guide you through some simple steps to turn your ideas into reality.

Although September isn’t technically the new year, it holds the same traits of renewal and fresh starts from our back to school days. It’s also a famously popular season for moving house whether it’s going back to uni or starting a new job in a new city, a lot of people will find themselves setting up in a brand-new pad. It’s always both stressful and exciting moving house, the panic of having to pack up practically everything you own, but the limitless possibilities on how to decorate and design once moved in – it can be quite overwhelming!

You can always picture what you want your dream bathroom to look like but it’s hard to know where on earth to start. It's difficult to add style to a room which is often small and has no space to hang up pictures. If you're looking for millennial chic, simplicity is key to make sure that the pieces you buy will last all seasons. We’ve put together a few of the best bits to get for that perfect Instagram-able bathroom that even Queer Eye’s Bobby - the design guru - will be in awe of.


Mirrors are obviously a bathroom essential, they’re crucial to make the room look more spacious and so that you can flawlessly carry out your daily beauty regime. The bigger the mirror, the better, giving you more breadth to see yourself and ensure your brows are on fleek. Add a splash of colour to the room by picking a gold frame, this adds a regal quality to the space and is a timeless colour which will never be out of season, it also adds framework to the room and allows the mirror to stick out from the wall.


There are a few snazzy accessries you can get to add class to your bathroom. For example, buy a soap dispenser to hide the ugly plastic of your supermarket soap, this also disguises what brand your soap is so no-one will know that it isn't a Jo Malone. Use marble designs add to the neutral tones of your bathroom and create a zen atmosphere so you can feel ultimate zen relaxation. To snazz up the bathroom even more, buy a matching toothbrush mug or soap tray to be sure to create bathroom envy.


Yes, everyone is obviously obsessed with plants at the moment but very few people actually think about leaving them in the bathroom. I recently bought some spider plants and cacti to be placed by my bath and it has honestly enhanced my bathing experience by 100%. It's as if I can feel the healthy green minerals seep into the air and water replenishing and rejuvenating my skin. Of course, they're probably doing nothing of the sort but it still makes me feel good. If you're not a keen gardener stick with cacti as they require little to no effort and still give off positive energy despite their spikes.

Bath Mats

Bath mats are an opportunity for you to add a splash of colour to the room. It doesn't have to be anything too bright and electric it still be something simple and stripped back but it's a chance to add a bit of your own personality to the room. Whether its a simple mauve or an animal print choose a bath mat that represents a bit of you. Buy the matching towel to make your bathroom totally coordinated.