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How To Pack For A City Break With Only Your Hand Luggage

Take the hassle out of your weekend away with our quick and easy guide on what to bring with you - and how to fit it all in! 

We’re all familiar with that at-your-desk feeling. You know the one - where you catch a glimpse of the sunshine outside your office window and realise you’re stuck inside for the foreseeable future. With a packed schedule and extra commitments, finding the time to get away for a week can seem impossible. But don’t click off that Skyscanner tab just yet, because the holiday you’ve been daydreaming about is still in reach! This is where the sheer delight of a city break comes in. Skipping the long haul flight and escaping to a city nearby means you can pack all the leisure time of a week away into just a few short and sweet days. What’s not to love?

While there will inevitably be a lot to pack into your itinerary for your city trip, the space in which you have to pack in the essentials you need is a little more, shall we say, limited. Ditching a suitcase is BRILLIANT news for those who can’t bear starting their vacay with a long check-in queue, but not so brilliant news for those hoping to wear a different Instagram-worthy look in every holiday snap. But, if you’re savvy with your packing strategy, your limited luggage will feel more spacious and well-stocked than it does stressfully-stuffed. 

If you’re unsure on where to start, this Bullring & Grand Central guide to packing hand luggage like a pro will serve you well. Covering the must-pack tees, tops and trousers to buy ahead of your trip to the restriction-respecting cabin bag you put it all in (along with some clever Marie Kondo-worthy ways to condense) , these are the top tips you need to know ahead of any short haul getaway.

Trust us, when it comes to stress-free packing, less really is more!

Cabin friendly case

Durable, light, and the perfect size to fit in the overhead cabin. These ‘just-right’ cases are good enough for Goldilocks.

Mix and match clothing

Basics that you can easily swap around make for stress-free packing and versatile styling. Tip: roll up your clothes when packing to stow while using the least amount of space. 

Stuff socks in shoes

When it comes down to it, you only need two pairs of shoes: something smart and something casual yet comfortable. But don’t let all that foot room go to waste! Stuff all your socks into your shoes for compartment convenience.

Belts keep collars smart

Did you know: wrapping a belt around your collars when you pack will help them keep their shape!

Use straws for necklaces

Tired of unpacking tangled necklaces? Keep them kempt by putting them through straws. 

Hat compartments

To be extra careful with your liquid products, keep them in a washbag. Conveniently enough, guess where that washbag will fit perfectly - the inside of a hat!