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The Best Cool-Guy Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Wardrobe

Image by: Netflix & Paramount Pictures

Come on, it's 2019 - you don't need to splash your cash on an expensive Halloween costume!  Instead, get creative with the best easy DIY men's Halloween costumes, consisting of clothes that you'll end up wearing in your day-to-day!

Every year, the thing that involves the most planning and causes the most stress for men over the Halloween period is the getting dressed-up part. People spend ages planning their outfits buying expensive costumes, face paint and lot's of accessories to make sure their outfit is on point. You end up looking great but you also end up spending a lot of money. However, there is a simple and easy loophole to saving money on your Halloween look. Simply dress up as an iconic character who wears day to day clothes so that you can re-wear what you purchase for your night or even find said items in your wardrobe already. Sound tricky? Well that's why we've come up with a list of 8 on-screen legends you can dress up as finding all the gear in your favourite high-street fashion shops...

How To Make A DIY Indiana Jones Costume

Image by: Netflix & Lucasfilm

If you're searching for action man vibes, whip out the khaki as the iconic architect, Indiana Jones. The only accessories you'll need to add to your outfit is a whip and a fedora to complete the look.

How To Make A DIY Great Gatsby Costume

Image by: Netflix & Village Roadshow Productions

Add a little class to your attire as Long Island's most handsome man, Gatsby. You'll need a tuxedo for a fancy event in the future like a wedding or a ball so the money won't go to waste. Trust us, in a tux like that you'll be the hottest guy of the evening. Just don't forget your champagne saucer for toasting!

How To Make A DIY Peaky Blinders' Tommy Shelby Costume

Image by: Netflix & BBC Studios

Fancy channelling a bit of Brummy Gangster-ness? Peaky Blinders heartthrob Tommy Shelby is the easiest on screen character to recreate - and you can whip the flat cap out at your next country walk!

How To Make A DIY The Matrix Costume

Image by: Netflix & Warner Bros

Black is always a good colour to have in your wardrobe - you can't go wrong! This year everybody's had the hots for Keanu Reaves so dressing up as The Matrix's Neo will make you the most popular guy at the party - plus roll necks are super chic right now!

How To Make A DIY Fresh Prince of Bel Air Costume

Image by: Netflix & Quincy Jones Entertainment

Throwback to the 1990s favourite sitcom character, Will Smith as the fresh prince of Bel Air. Not only is it an excuse to get out your vintage 90s garms but it's the perfect opportunity to hog the mic and rap the theme tune all evening.

How To Make A DIY Bladerunner Officer K Costume

Image by: Netflix & Colombia Pictures

Blade Runner 2019 introduced us to Ryan Gosling looking smokin' as Officer K. It's a pretty simple outfit, so all you need is an aviator jacket and a long sleeve top and your sorted. You'll be warm all night and be able to wear that jacket for years on end!

How To Make A DIY Grease Danny Zucko Costume

Image by: Netflix & Paramount Pictures

Why it's Grease Lightning! An oldie but a goodie, John Travolta's iconic tough-guy leather style is a simple but hot look. Black trousers, white tee, a cool leather jacket and a ton of grease and Bob's your uncle, you're Danny Zucko, the ultimate high school babe. Why not wear this outfit everyday and you'll have people swoon at your feet!

How To Make A DIY Mr. Bean Costume

Image by: Netflix & Studio Canal

He may not be the coolest but he is certainly iconic. Get your tweed on and scrunch your face up as Mr. Bean this Halloween. The blazer is totally appropriate for work or interviews so make sure you hold onto it for the future.