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Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte'S Magic Cream Treat & Transform Moisturiser SPF 15 50ml

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte'S Magic Cream Treat & Transform Moisturiser SPF 15 50ml



Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream Treat & Transform is a secret mix of patented anti ageing ingredients that wake skin up in an instant. BioNymph Peptide Complex stimulates collagen production and cell energy and fights free radicals to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smooth the skin. Hyaluronic acid booster re plumps as it floods skin with moisture, while an infusion of rose hip oil and vitamin E brings your complexion back to life. Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's magic cream moisturiser SPF 15The BioNymph Peptide Complex is a unique, patented anti age ingredient that multi tasks in the skin, fighting the ageing process on all fronts. It increases collagen & fibre levels, prevents fibre break down, fights free radicals and stimulates cell energy to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity & generally smooth things overTo properly protect your skin from the ageing effects of the Sun, Charlotte will always tell her clients to use anti UVB and anti UVA filters. MAGIC CREAM has an SPF 15 and, most importantly, an anti UVA filter to protect the skin from year round ageing effects of UVA. Sodium Hyaluronate forms a film of hyaluronic acid over the skin to seal in moisture, whilst extracts of Wild Pansy promote the renewal of hyaluronic acid in the skin surface to retain moisture. Skin is plumped up and youthfully dewyA mix of rose hip oil, camellia oil and anti oxidant vitamin E transforms a grey complexion into hydrated, mirror shine skin. Damask rose water and organic aloe vera stimulate skin regeneration, fighting the signs of ageing, naturally and gracefullyExtracts of Frangipani, the symbol of eternity, form a soothing, purifying and hydrating comfort blanket on the skin50ml