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Drive Thru Parking

Drive Thru Parking

Wave goodbye to ticket machines. Say hello to Drive Thru Parking at Bullring.

Our new service powered by Advam allows you to automatically 'pay as you go' when using our Centre, Moor Street and Edgbaston Street car parks. 

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 Once you've registered, simply drive into one of the three car parks, shop and dine at your leisure, and depart when ready. The barriers will lift automatically on entry/exit to our car parks and your tariff will be deducted from your card - all without the need to take a ticket, look for change or visit a ticket machine.

Just follow these 3 simple steps to get started. 

Step 1

Register for free using your debit/credit card details and your car number plate

Step 2
The barrier will lift automatically when you drive up to the entry/exit in any Bullring car park

Step 3
Forget all about the ticket machines as your card will automatically be debited with the correct tariff when you leave

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