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Please note booking is essential to ensure entry. Please contact the restaurant team for further assistance.

Positioned on Spiceal Street at the heart of the Bullring.  Chaophraya is set over two floors with an extensive alfresco terrace and spectacular Thai interior with artefacts and Buddha’s flown over from Thailand.  Hallmark features such as water features, opulent décor and stunning lighting, along with a huge feature fish tank which brings a sense of grace and tranquillity to the environment, and the open kitchens are littered with good luck charms and statues.

Chaophraya offers a wonderful array of authentic dishes prepared for all to see in the open kitchen.  Whether you are after a quick pit-stop lunch whilst out shopping or a more relaxed meal, Chaophraya can cater for you.

Formerly known as Chaobaby, Kim Chaophraya’s owner soon decided that with Birmingham’s culture of food and the standards of cuisine in the city it was time to change from the great value food-on-the-go offer of Chaobaby to the à la carte dishes of Chaophraya.

Kim believes developing a new menu is the best part of owning a restaurant; experimenting with new flavours, combining our authentic Thai ingredients with traditional British dishes to create exciting fusion cuisine, and bringing exotic new cocktails to the city. Working to create a menu that surpasses expectation, then watching the faces of diners as they take their first bite.  Our a la carte menu and traditional Thai Banquet menus showcase these flavours and excitement.

Highlights of our menu include the traditional Tom Yum soup (creamy yet rich with huge prawns) and the Weeping Tiger (sizzling steak in Thai spices). We have also worked really hard on our wine list – many people struggle combining wine with Thai cuisine but our offer includes many unusual wines such as the Adobe Organic Gewurztraminer. With its hints of lychee, it complements light spicy food perfectly.

We look forward to welcoming you to Chaophraya Birmingham.

For more information or to book please visit their website or call 0121 643 2424.    Take a look at Chaophraya's latest menu offerings here! 

0121 643 2424