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A Modern Man's Dream

The era of the modern man has arrived and though many refuse to accept it, it’s definitely had a serious impact on how we go about our morning routines. Moisturisers, beard combs and anti-ageing products are ‘in’ and with the trend of looking preened and proper 24 hours a day not looking like it’s going ‘out’ any time soon, we’re here to help. We’ve chosen a tried and trusted store, full to the brim of some of the best male grooming products a man could ever need, Kiehl's.


Help care for your skin with some of their finest anti-ageing products. Our top pick for men is the Age Defender range, a three-pronged attack on the visible signs of anti-ageing such as lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness. Start with the Age Defender Moisturizer, the first line of defence on your quest for smooth skin. Follow that up with the Age Defender Eye Repair to firm up and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Finally, check out the Age Defender Power Serum, the final piece of the puzzle formulated by Cypress Extract that’ll leave your skin looking young and fresh.


Thin or thick, bushy or well-kept, beards are all the range and keeping them presentable is much easier said than done. Beard grooming products are an absolute must and Kiehl's have the ideal solutions to keep your facial hair in check. Keeping a beard looking fresh starts with a good shampoo and there aren’t many better than the Grooming Solutions Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner that’ll leave you with a beard looking healthy and soft but also a hydrated and refreshed scalp. Pair that with the Exfoliating Body Soap for invigorated skin.

Kiehl's Beard Oil

With your freshly groomed beard almost complete, there remains just one more thing to leave you looking refreshed, the Nourishing Beard Oil. Made with Pracaxi oil to smooth coarse facial hair, this treatment will ensure you’re free of any ‘beardruff’.


Finally, time to take care of your skin with our favourite Kiehl's products designed to clean, smooth and alleviate rough areas. Try out the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve to protect against and repair the appearance of severe dryness or complete your bathroom set with this Bath and Shower Cleanser, perfect for leaving skin clean with a beautiful texture.


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