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If the Shirt Fits

Call it history re-invented; the Ben Sherman Archive Shirt collection is back.


The new collection draws inspiration from our iconic prints of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, and each of the four shirts serves as an authentic homage to the original that preceded it.


Making up the Archive collection are the Casino, featuring an unmistakable floral print, the conversational motif that characterises the Arthur, alongside the timeless stripes and paisley print of the Brighton and the Vega.


This year Ben Sherman celebrates 55 years of the shirt. Back in 1963 when Ben Sherman himself returned from the US he revolutionised men’s shirting, famously ordering a million yards of Oxford Cloth and 250,000 yards of Gingham fabric. For over 5 decades Ben Sherman Shirts have been owned, loved and worn by every youth movement going; from Punks, to ska, two-tone to the iconic Mod. Today Ben Sherman continue to build on their shirting foundation, be part of the celebration and own a piece of history for the future by picking up a Ben Sherman shirt in their Birmingham LinkStreet store.

Ben Sherman


The Casino

With its origins in the 1970s, the Casino features a classic floral print inspired by the kitsch interiors of the working class, famously captured by renowned photographer Martin Parr in his series called ‘June Street’.

Filmed in Salford, the series documented the lifestyles of the working class in the 60s and 70s, and we re-issue this shirt in homage to the instigators of the Northern Soul movement - and their amazing wallpaper!


The Brighton


When many think Ben Sherman, they think of Brighton; after all, it’s where Ben Sherman opened his first factory after returning from America all those years ago.


The Brighton shirt is our tribute to that significant piece of fashion history.


Inspired by the original from the 1970s, the Brighton’s stripe combination in seaside candy colourways helps chronicle Ben Sherman’s formative years.


A three-finger button-down collar, back box plat and straight hem create a longer silhouette and deliver a faithful replication of an all-time favourite.

 Brighton Shirt

The Vega


In 1960s Britain, Paisley was the word. From The Beatles to Bohemia, the over-sized teardrop design became a staple of shirting pattern and was a mainstay for more than two decades.


Back in brilliant style, the Vega is modelled on Ben Sherman’s original early 80s interpretation of the design, in winter tones that characterise the style of the decade.


This new version of a true classic will turn heads wherever it appears.

The Vega 

The Arthur


An original 1970s edition of the Arthur was recently discovered in the Ben Sherman archives, and its unique print set our designers’ hearts racing and their creative juices flowing.


The perfect complement to Ben Sherman’s Northern Soul-inspired collection, the Arthur features a playful, stylish monochrome bicycle pattern, in black, printed onto a crisp white shirt.


The result is a shirt that demands attention and delivers timeless style in abundance.


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