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Who’s mad for Matcha

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Matcha has become a key ingredient in 2019 and here’s our guide on this powerful powder.
What is Matcha?
Matcha is the latest popular beverage that’s actually not new! Originating in Japan, this green “power powder” is created from green tea leaves, which have been ground into a fine powder. The process results in the vibrantly green colour of the powder. 

This method is how the drinks name originates – “ma” translating as powder, and “cha” as tea. Some may refer to the drink as matcha green tea and many outlets also offer matcha lattes as a key menu option this season. 

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Why is Matcha so popular?
Popularity of the drink has increased worldwide in part due to its consideration as a superfood and associated health benefits.  

To create the drink, green tea leaves are ground rather than simply dried to create a fine powder. By utilising the full leave, it is said to provide far more nutritional benefits of the drink as a whole. Those who enjoy herbal tea may also be more inclined to try matcha. 

Whittards call it the “green tea espresso” due to its benefits and caffeine fix.

Due to a combination of ingredients including caffeine and amino acids, matcha tea is said to result in a slower release of energy therefore helping to avoid the notorious “caffeine jitters”.  

Matcha is also considered to contain high levels of antioxidants – so another plus for those seeking an alternative to their morning cuppa!

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How do you prepare/drink matcha tea?
Unlike normal leaf types of tea, matcha requires a little extra prep for that perfect cup. Due to matcha being a fine powder, it is recommended to blend a small scoop to hot water and whisk rather than simply stir to ensure it fully infuses the water. Traditionally, matcha tea was considered the drink of choice as part of a meditation ritual and the historical japanese tea ceremony. 

Take time to allow the water to boil, pour into your cup before adding a scoop serving of matcha powder. Once added, simply whisk gently to infuse the matcha tea powder fully with the water in a circular motion. Many tea specialists also offer a range of items to help make the process easier too! 

Matcha has been recognised as a versatile ingredient for a range of other foods and beverages as a way to incorporate the unique flavours and nutritional benefits. Alternatives ways to enjoy matcha powder includes adding as part of your morning smoothie, sprinkled over porridge or even as part of a frothy latte. We definitely recommend their Vanilla Matcha Tea Latte!

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Where can I get matcha at Bullring & Grand Central?
Matcha tea is available from Whittards of Chelsea in Grand Central and T2 in Bullring. Both stores offer not only matcha powder, but a host of options for the perfect preparation kit too! Consider their beautiful matcha tea ceremony sets as the perfect addition for your home - they’re perfectly instagrammable too! 

Both offer a high grade matcha to ensure you easily create the perfect cup. 
Fancy a little variety? T2 have created a range of flavours featuring their signature matcha powder combined with mint, berry or even jaffa orange! 

For those looking to enjoy their drink on the go, T2 offers a unique flask to make things even easier for your matcha fix.The matcha flask includes a whisk and keeps your tea or latte warmer for longer so you can enjoy on the go - perfect for the alternative hot drink during the morning commute!
Unsure if matcha is for you? Whittards and T2 also offer tastings so you can try before you buy to help you decide.
Already got the matcha bug and fancy taking the next step to the matcha tea latte? Starbucks also feature matcha on the menu offering both matcha tea latte and new for spring, vanilla matcha tea latte. Both can be enjoy with the dairy or non-dairy milk of your choice, the drink features the signature matcha flavour in a new way. For those who have more of a sweet tooth, the vanilla version is a must. The drink maintains the vibrant green colour and is available in both of their Bullring stores. 

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