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Visit Ben Sherman Bullring and shop a selection of classic Ben Sherman pieces such as their smart Tailoring, the Harrington Jacket, Gingham Shirts, Oxford Button Downs and the Romford Polo Shirt. Don’t forget the accessories, with a great range of wallets, shoes and socks to choose from in-store.

Ben Sherman was born in Brighton in 1925. At the age of 20 he moved to America and began working for a clothing company. Some years later he would return to the UK and decided to rent a factory in Brighton and continue in the clothing trade. Ben Sherman was a man that would always welcome the new and the different and soon he began to design his own shirts. In 1963 the first Ben Sherman shirt was launched and it is quoted that in 1970 he ordered millions of yards of oxford cloth, gingham cloth and brightly coloured striped cloth from America as the Ben Sherman shirt had become so popular. Over the last 50 years the Ben Sherman brand has been embraced by many youth cultures from Mods to ska to two tone to brit pop and is still worn by today’s bands and style leaders.

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